Adriana Volpe and Zequila, the host's husband speaks

Adriana Volpe and Zequila, the host's husband speaks

Adriana Volpe's husband comments on the gossip about a flirtation between Zequila and his wife

Roberto Parli, husband of Adriana Volpe, intervenes for the first time on the issue of the alleged love story between the presenter and the actor. In the home of GF Vip, Zequila has repeatedly said that there would be a relationship with the Fox, but the former star of I Fatti Vostri has always denied.

"I didn't know her 25 years ago – said the entrepreneur on Instagram -. Before entering, he swore to me that there had been nothing with Zequila. So this is enough for me. " During the Alfonso Signorini reality show, the Fox often clashed with the actor, even on live TV, accusing the gieffino of telling lies.

Roberto Parli, who in the past had expressed himself on Andrea Denver and the feeling of the model with the Fox, did not comment on Zequila's words. In these hours, however, the host's husband has chosen to break the silence by answering some questions on Instagram. The entrepreneur replied to users who asked him to defend his wife from the tenant. “I should defend Adriana from what? – has explained -. I'm shabby for what? I'm without p **** for what? I've been with her for 14 years, for what? "

A furious quarrel broke out between Zequila and the Fox during a direct broadcast by Big Brother Vip. Adriana had not liked the reference to a flirtation with the actor and he had been furious. “In 2006 I was more famous than you, I certainly didn't need Adriana Volpe – he said -. I was the protagonist of Domenica In, on the Island of the Famous, while you were doing the morning on Rai. You never went there in the early evening, I told you so. "

“Don't speak to me anymore. I make it up to you, you suck me. You suck me like a man, ”thundered the presenter. "You said: 'Antonio Zequila was beautiful when we met.' – he replied, confirming his words -. I stopped there. I don't suck you. I am ashamed to have known you, even thirty years ago. "

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