Adriana Volpe, Andrea Denver: “Ideal woman. The husband? I'm straightforward "

Adriana Volpe, Andrea Denver: “Ideal woman. The husband? I'm straightforward "

Andrea Denver returns to talk about Adriana Volpe and the jealousy of her husband, Roberto Parli

Andrea Denver returns to talk about Adriana Volpe, known in the home of the GF Vip, and also talks about the host's husband, Roberto Parli. The model never hid to find Adriana very charming and more than once he confessed to Alfonso Signorini that he felt attracted to her. A love that never took off since both are happily linked to other people.

Andrea is in love with his girlfriend Anna Wolf, while the Fox is married to Roberto Parli from whom he had his daughter Gisele. In the house of the GF Vip, therefore, a sympathy was born between the two that Denver confirmed even after the end of the broadcast. “Adriana Volpe is my ideal woman – she confessed to the weekly Nuovo -. I have never been attracted to women older than me, but she is definitely an exception. Beyond the physical point of view, she gave me so much from the point of view of friendship and a beautiful understanding was created, which was misunderstood by many. "

"There is nothing more than friendship between us: she is married and I am engaged, so I never thought of going any further – he added, then turning to Adriana's husband -. He can sleep soundly. I was very sorry that he got jealous, but I think there was a misunderstanding. I am a straightforward man: if I see a beautiful woman I do not turn back and congratulate you. I don't see anything wrong with it. "

After the end of Signorini's reality show, Parli and La Volpe split. The manager reached Switzerland to settle some issues that arose following the death of his father, while Adriana stayed in Rome with her daughter. The presenter, very active on Instagram, after her farewell to Rai and the quarrels with Giancarlo Magalli (who has no intention of forgiving), is preparing to live a new adventure. In fact, he will be at the helm of a morning show that will be broadcast on TV8 starting from June and which will lead in tandem with the journalist Alessio Viola.

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