Adriana Volpe breaks the silence after leaving her husband

Adriana Volpe

Adriana Volpe after a long silence speaks for the first time about the end of the marriage with Roberto Parli

Adriana Volpe, looks and curiosities between Every Morning and Instagram

Adriana Volpe breaks the silence after leaving her husband Roberto Parli. The host and the entrepreneur broke up after a very long love affair, crowned by the wedding and the birth of a daughter. A bond that seemed solid, but which cracked at the end of Adriana's adventure at GF Vip. The presenter lived the divorce from her husband in the strictest secrecy, trying to protect her 9-year-old daughter Gisele, already tried by her parents' separation.

Interviewed by Novella 2000, La Volpe explained that the little girl is "serene", because "blood, after all, is not water", revealing that Gisele would have inherited the strong character of her parents. The presenter then spoke of her husband, trying not to create controversy, but describing him as a man who "loves his daughter madly". The two were married in 2008, strong in a love that they were sure would last forever. After the farewell Adriana is leaving from work and from her loved ones. The Every Morning presenter has denied willingness to start a new relationship now that her heart is free. "No, at this moment love is everything for my daughter and for work," he said.

Adriana Volpe had left the GF Vip just before the final to be next to her husband who had lost his father. Shortly after the presenter had moved and to start a new professional path at the helm of Every Morning. Then the crisis, which lasted for a long time, and the indiscretions regarding a breakup that is now also confirmed by the words of the Fox. Roberto Parli, who has always been very reserved and away from the spotlight, last November had intervened on Instagram to comment on the end of his marriage. "It would be the right time for" someone "to take their skeletons out of the closet – he wrote commenting on a shot in which he hugged his daughter -. But, for me, it is much more fulfilling to see our children happy. I love you Gisele … always and forever ". Roberto then replied to a user who wished him a "less beautiful and famous, but more sincere companion". “Famous ???? About what???? My wounds are my family and my daughter who cries every time ", he replied, then writing in another photo:" It's a pity that you don't judge in 3 months but in 14 years a person you watch TV me real life ".

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