Adriana Volpe confesses and talks about the relationship with her husband

Adriana Volpe

Committed to driving Every Morning, the presenter from Trentino is not unbalanced about the situation with her husband Roberto Parli

At Adriana Volpe's house: total white and precious details

Adriana Volpe is experiencing a very special moment. After participating in Big Brother Vip 4, the beautiful hostess originally from Trento had the opportunity to start a wonderful experience: the conduct of Every Morning, the TV8 broadcast that sees her alongside Alessio Viola.

The former traveling companion of Giancarlo Magalli recently confessed during an interview with Visa, talking, among other things, about the time she spent in the Cinecittà loft.

It was a crazy experience. I will continue to say thanks to Mediaset, the authors and the whole GF system because I had a strong, unique experience that gave me the opportunity to be seen for who I am. He laid me bare. In this program there is no parachute, and I was very afraid. Either you take off, or you risk crashing.

These are the words that Adriana Volpe dedicated to the journey made beyond the red door, where she also had the opportunity to make important friendships (to be precise with Fernanda Lessa and Patrick Ray Pugliese). If on the professional side the sun shines for Adriana Volpe, as far as personal life is concerned, for several months rumors of a crisis with her husband Roberto Parli, married in 2008 and from whom, in 2011, she had little Gisele have been chasing.

When asked how things are going between them, the Fox replied very dryly, implying that he wanted to keep this aspect of his life confidential.

Let's say that at this moment in my life I am managing a beautiful news broadcast and for once I am on the other side of the fence. I enjoy the privilege of talking about the facts of others, without having to talk about my own.

So the 47-year-old from thirty expressed herself about her love life with Parli, her second husband (Adriana Volpe first married Chicco Cangini, former patron of the Pineta disco in Milano Marittima). The rumors about a crisis between the face of Every Morning and the Swiss manager residing in Monte Carlo, as already mentioned, have continued to chase each other for some time.

On Instagram, followers have often asked questions on the subject both to Adriana and Roberto, who have never been too unbalanced on the situation of their relationship. What is certain is that, at this moment, La Volpe shows herself satisfied from a professional point of view and very committed in her role as mother of little Gisele, who moved with her to Milan and started school. All that remains is to wait to find out if, on the horizon, important changes are looming in the love life.

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