Adriana Volpe, her husband met Andrea Denver: the background

Adriana Volpe, her husband met Andrea Denver: the background

During the reunion of the former tenants of the GF Vip, there would have been a meeting between Andrea Denver and Roberto Parli, husband of Adriana Volpe

At Adriana Volpe's home: total white and precious details

Roberto Parli, Adriana Volpe's husband, met Andrea Denver after the end of the GF Vip. The reality show ended a few weeks ago, but the famous tenants did not lose contact and organized a reunion in Fabio Testi's house. The VIPs met for a day of laughter and smiles, between selfies and jokes. To highlight the absence of Antonio Zequila and Antonella Elia, great protagonists of the reality show, but above all the presence of Parli, Adriana's husband, who had a face to face with Denver.

During the adventure of the GF Vip, Andrea never hid that he felt a strong attraction towards the former presenter of I Fatti Vostri. The feeling between the two was also underlined several times by Alfonso Signorini and tested Adriana's relationship with her husband. What happened during the reunion? To reveal it was Fabio Testi who in the pages of Who told: “We dismantled the case and there were hugs – he said -. Adriana is a beautiful girl, Denver is a beautiful boy, her husband is an entrepreneur who may not have that artistic streak, there may be an extra look, but he ends up there ".

No confrontation or jealousy therefore, even if Adriana Volpe, always on the pages of Chi, recently clarified that she had experienced a small crisis with her husband. “I don't hide that there were difficulties between us – she revealed to Alfonso Signorini's weekly – as I said there were sides of my husband that I didn't know, his reactions due to the jealousy that surprised and displaced me. That there is this type of reality I do not hide it. I am an open book. Give us time to rebuild, to get back in line; it takes time to get closer, to rebuild the balance that, I must say, has also been put to the test ".

Today the calm has returned between Adriana and Roberto, while Andrea Denver is very much in love with Anna Wolf, the model to whom he was also linked during his stay in the Cinecittà house. “She was not jealous of Adriana – he had revealed -. I have said it several times, my appreciation for him did not stop at the aesthetic factor but went further. Adriana was a point of reference, for me she was a person with whom I dealt with in many situations. And she was a playmate. "

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