Adriana Volpe in crisis with her husband. He replies on Instagram

Adriana Volpe in crisis with her husband. He replies on Instagram

The rumors of a crisis between Adriana Volpe and Roberto Parli do not subside: the response of the host's husband on Instagram is unsettling

The rumors of a crisis between Adriana Volpe and Roberto Parli have not subsided: it has long been speculated that between the two things are not exactly going well, and the most attentive observers have noticed clues that would confirm the rumors.

The presenter never made a secret of the complicated moment she is experiencing with her husband – especially after leaving Big Brother Vip – also confirmed in a recent interview with the weekly Chi. In these days, however, the Fox had brought the whole family to Fabio Testi's reunion party, with the aim of silencing the gossip: the crisis, however, would not have completely returned.

To confirm it the followers, who noticed on Instagram a response from him that would confirm the hypothesis of a period of difficulty. To a fan who asked why he wasn't at home with his family, he would have replied: "Turn the question over to her." The displeasing message does not leave much room for interpretation and has alarmed the presenter's fans, who are increasingly worried about the progress of her private life.

If on the one hand the Fox is experiencing a particularly crackling moment as regards her career, which sees her ready to return to the small screen, the love life would instead be suffering some setbacks.

Even on the day of her 47th birthday, the fans would have noticed, among the wishes of friends and other celebrities, those of her husband, which many found to be a little forced and not very romantic.

La Volpe and Parli have lived far away in the last period, first for the television experience of Big Brother Vip, then the lockdown period, in which she remained in Rome and he in Lugano. Even now the couple would not live under one roof, because he would go back and forth between Switzerland and Montecarlo.

For the birthday Roberto Parli had sent a short video to his wife: “Hi Adri, happy birthday! Happy birthday to you! I send you kisses, kisses, kisses. Hello!". The conductor's response was not long in coming: she had commented on her husband's post writing: "Thanks … far, but close!".

For some, Parli's dedication would have been tender, while others found it cold and detached: only time will give the answers on the relationship between Adriana Volpe and her husband. What is certain is that fans are all cheering for her.

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