Aerobics, 3 video lessons to burn fat and tone up: beginner, medium and advanced level

Aerobics, 3 video lessons to burn fat and tone up: beginner, medium and advanced level

Aerobics is fun, burns calories, improves heart health, tones muscles and is really suitable for everyone, so you have no excuses: try 3 aerobic programs for weight loss by our fitness expert Giovanna Lecis.

You can take aerobics classes at home or in the park, alone or in company!

Cardio activity is essential for keeping your heart healthy. In fact, according to the American Heart Association, you should do 75 minutes of intense aerobic exercise a week alternating with anaerobic exercises such as strengthening your legs, abs, buttocks and arms.

Tipsforwomens offers you 3 aerobic video lessons to burn fat:

  • Basic lesson suitable for everyone, even the elderly and those who are very overweight or have joint problems.
  • 13 minute aerobics class.
  • advanced level: the lesson for those in super shape.

Aerobics – what is it

Aerobics is a cardiovascular workout divided into 3 phases:

  • warm-up of the muscles, also called LIA (Low Impact Aerobic).
  • Fase aerobica o HIA (High Impact Aerobic ).
  • Recovery phase.

It is advisable to complete the workout with stretching to lengthen your muscles.

This activity tones and oxygenates your body with choreographic movements such as the twist and step touch, to be combined and repeated interspersed with a dynamic march. Also, always try to adjust the intensity of your training according to your physical form.

Doing aerobics for at least 25 minutes a day, ideally 3 times a week, can help you get back in shape and live in good health.

Aerobic gymnastics: all health benefits

Aerobics combines cardio exercises with toning exercises: in 30 minutes of practice, you can burn an average of 200 calories (depending on the intensity of the workout and your weight).

Furthermore, constant practice helps to tone the body in a harmonious way, especially the legs and buttocks.

Thus, the benefits for your health are numerous:

  • increase your physical endurance.
  • Increase muscle mass.
  • Strengthen your immune defenses.
  • It reduces the risks of cardiovascular disease, obesity, hypertension, diabetes and heart attack.
  • Improve coordination.
  • Improve blood circulation.

The equipment to practice aerobics at home

Fitness shoes

They must guarantee maximum comfort for the foot, to perform all the exercises in safety. It is also important that they are well cushioned not only for better distribution of body weight, but also to protect the back, ankles, ligaments and joints from injury during jumps.

Another element to take into consideration is the presence or absence of reinforcements on the forefoot, which are important for example in jumping rope, but also for performing lateral movements.

If you are interested in the topic, discover our in-depth analysis on fitness shoes.


The step is a useful and indispensable tool to be able to practice aerobics at home and exercise legs and buttocks. It is important that it has good grip on the ground. Therefore, all those models with a rubber base are to be preferred.

Furthermore, to perform the various exercises and choreographies in the best possible way, it is important to opt for steps with adjustable height.


the mat is the accessory to have for training at home, as in addition to cushioning jumps and movements, it protects us from the cold and hard floor.

It is advisable to choose a thick and, above all, non-slip model that adheres well to the ground. In addition, it is good to opt for a mat in a material that is easy to clean and sanitize, such as the foam and polyethylene models.

Heart rate monitor

The heart rate monitor is a useful accessory for monitoring your heart rate throughout your training session. There are both band models, to be worn under the t-shirt around the bust, and wrist models similar to watches.

Fitness elastics

Also called elastic bands, they are one of the essential accessories for home fitness. Useful for toning and strengthening the muscles of the legs, buttocks and arms.

On the market there are various types of elastic bands, the most common ones are circular in rubber or fabric, and have different levels of resistance. Then there are also those with handles, with a tubular shape and equipped with a handle.


The anklets are useful accessories to intensify the training of legs, buttocks and calves. Choose a model in light, breathable and easy to wash fabric.


Even weights, such as dumbbells and kettlebells, can be useful for doing aerobics at home, especially for muscle strengthening and toning exercises. We advise you to opt for light weights, which can favor movements without hindering them.

Home aerobics for beginners

Tipsforwomens offers you a cardiovascular activity, i.e. an activity based on basic aerobic movements.

They are very simple movements to follow, perfect for those who are very overweight or for those who want to start doing a cardio activity.

The lesson is simple because it adds one step after another explaining the technique of the gesture perfectly.

A fundamental parameter of aerobic activity is feeling your heartbeat speed up: this means that you’re training well, because by increasing your heart rate, you burn calories.

This basic lesson is also suitable for the elderly and for those with joint problems because there are no jumps but only steps and walking.

13 minute video lesson

After a few weeks of training, you will no longer feel awkward and uncoordinated in your movements.

If basic aerobics sounds easy to you, try the more complex step aerobics class to train your heart and burn calories.

It’s a perfect class for those who want to do aerobics in the morning before going to work. It lasts only 13 minutes but it is a very intense lesson.

Obviously, if you can, repeat it 2 times in a row to get through the 25 minutes of cardiovascular work.

Aerobics: advanced level to burn fat and tone up

The 25-minute workout allows you to tone and oxygenate your body with choreographic movements such as the twist or step touch to be combined and repeated interspersed with a dynamic march.

All you have to do is start training! Remember that your body is a machine that needs movement: the longer you keep the car still, the harder it will be to restart!

Aerobics: recommendations

Giovanna Lecis’ video lessons are suitable for everyone because they don’t involve jumps but only steps and walking.

If you don’t have joint problems and are in good health, you can intensify your training by alternating walking and running.

However, if you are very overweight, know that an excessive load, combined with incorrect posture, can cause damage to the musculoskeletal structures, so it is better to start with the basic aerobics class.

As with all sports, before starting any type of training it is a good idea to undergo a medical examination to assess your state of health and not take any risks.

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