Afraid of the doctor? So you can help your child defeat it

Afraid of the doctor? So you can help your child defeat it

Tell a story, always tell the truth and answer all the questions: so your children will no longer be afraid of the pediatrician

Screaming, crying or tantrums: these are just some of our children's reactions to the pronunciation of the word "doctor". But why are our children so scared of simple routine visits?

A reaction, that of fear, which is most popular among the little ones when it comes time to visit the doctor. This fear, even more amplified by the ongoing health emergency; certainly for them it must not be easy to find themselves among all those masks, plexiglass dividers and social distancing.

Just as we have managed, through fairy tales and stories, to tell the little ones what is happening globally with the pandemic, we can also do it to make the visit to the doctor less traumatic. Let us always remember that all the fears of our children, however much they may make us suffer, must be listened to and respected.

Those that are small fears for us are great and insurmountable for them: diminishing them will only make them feel alone in this battle against their monsters. You must think, in fact, that our children do not have the same mastery of the body that we have, which is why the fact that the doctor has to touch it to visit it can be perceived as an intrusion by a stranger.

We must, therefore, listen to our children and educate them in what is a very important routine which they must not escape. We can do it through fables and stories we invented, taking for example the protagonist of one of his favorite cartoons, a superhero or a pet, and telling an anecdote that happened while visiting the doctor. Thus, the children will reassure themselves when they discover that their favorite characters also go to the doctor.

It is clear that the story is only a means to explain and tell children what really happens in a visit and indeed, you can take advantage of this moment to answer their doubts and curiosities: “Why does the doctor touch me? Will it hurt me? why do I have to go there? ".

Do not lie to your children, never do it, let alone do not deceive them by pretending to take them elsewhere and then suddenly find them in the doctor's office, for them it would be a trauma. Another thing to avoid is to use the figure of the doctor as the black man, we avoid phrases such as "If you are bad, I'll take you to the doctor who will give you a shot".

On the contrary, we speak positively of the pediatrician, we explain to our child that he will have the magical power to make the cold, cough or fever disappear. Thus, in a short time, our children will no longer be afraid to go to the doctor.

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