Afternoon Cinque closes, D’Urso is moved and confirms the return in September

Afternoon Cinque closes, D’Urso is moved and confirms the return in September

In the afternoon episode Cinque Barbara D'Urso greeted her audience and was unable to hold back the emotion

Afternoon Cinque officially closes its doors, obviously only for the summer break. At the end of this last episode of the season, Barbara D’Urso had to take leave of her beloved audience, and she was unable to hold back the emotion.

The presenter wanted to greet and thank the whole team of journalists who, especially in recent months, as it is known difficult and complicated, have helped her carry on the program: "Without you I am nothing! Thanks to all of you and to all those who have been here, in a few, with masks ".

Then the emotion came, holding his chest with his hand and not finding the words, D’Urso said: "What am I crazy?". And then catching his breath he added: “I wanted to thank those who have been here with me and who have endured for the past three months, who have stayed here to work. It is thanks to them that I went on the air, it is thanks to them if we informed you. "

Then Barbara confirmed the return of the afternoon show in early September, although, as we know, it will not stop completely: Live – It is not La D’Urso in fact it will be broadcast until 14 June.

Most likely the beginning of Afternoon Five will coincide with the departure of Morning Five, with Federica Panicucci and Francesco Vecchi, already confirmed for September 7th.

Barbara D’Urso, always very fond of her viewers and tireless worker, has already made it known that she will not abandon her audience: "How will we do now? I will definitely invent something, I will not leave you! I will always be on Instagram and then there is the Sunday appointment, "he explained.

Meanwhile, the presenter can certainly be satisfied with her television season at Mediaset, given the certificate of esteem she received from the network. Last Sunday, in fact, at Live – It is not D'Urso, the presenter wanted to thank her audience: “It should have been the last episode but, given the great success, and the credit is yours, the publisher has us asked to go on for other Sundays ”.

The Mediaset schedule will therefore undergo changes again: starting from Monday 1 June Afternoon Five will be replaced by sentimental films, preceded by the episode of Il Segreto and then followed by the episodes of Avanti un Altro, conducted by Paolo Bonolis.

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