Afternoon Five, Barbara D’Urso changes course (but does not avoid the gaffe)

Barbara D'Urso

The new afternoon container of Canale5 gets a makeover but Carmelita is always the same, despite the new look of the program now dedicated to current affairs

Barbara D'Urso has landed in a completely renovated studio for the new edition of the afternoon container of Canale5 but she has not forgotten her origins.

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The story is different and is entrusted to a forcedly sober management, even if it has still given us some traditions of the past. And the gaffe is served on a silver platter. As expected, the main topic on which the entire first part of the episode on Tuesday 6 September was discussed was the vaccine, as well as the opening towards the obligation for all announced by Premier Draghi. The theme is hot and thorny, with the slip around the corner: "Obligation vagin … yes, here, I knew it. Oh well, it also happens to great conductors and conductors …".

The studio is shrouded in total frost, even provoking a few laughs among the guests in the studio and those connected in streaming, such as Rita Dalla Chiesa, Paolo Del Debbio and Klaus Davi. In fact, even the opinion leaders have changed. All forms of entertainment and all the characters that gravitate around it are banned, to make room for current affairs and political themes.

The armchairs have disappeared but the tables have arrived, in the perfect style of La Vita In Diretta by Alberto Matano, to focus the discussion on current affairs and politics. The commentators are carefully chosen to fill this role, while the final greeting is the one we have been accustomed to for years now, the one with a beating heart.

It is therefore a sort of revolution for Barbara D'Urso, who after years of entertainment is committed to something different wanted by her publisher Piersilvio Berlusconi. The structure of the program is exactly what he had announced during the presentation of the autumn schedules, with a strip dedicated to the closest current issues.

According to rumors, the Cologno Monzese presenter could also return in prime time but with a completely new program and certainly not with Live-Non è la D'Urso. For 2021, he also lost Domenica Live, replaced by Scene da un matrimonio and Verissimo, promoted with a double date on Saturday and Sunday. The first episode of Afternoon Five satisfied the audience but, perhaps, not those who met D'Urso in a completely different role.

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