Against cellulite: not just creams

Against cellulite: not just creams

Creams, gels and muds against cellulite

Ginkgo Biloba and Caffeine to be applied locally to eliminate excess fats and drain tissues, volcanic lava mud to be applied in the shower to stimulate the circulation and oxygenation of the cells by exfoliating the skin. Creams and gels with active principles based on sea salts, licorice, lemon extract and oyster mother of pearl.

And then, the ice cube effect to lighten the legs: cosmetic companies continue their research work to help us fight cellulite, a problem that punctually reappears with the advent of summer or better when we start to leave uncovered the critical points most affected by this imperfection, such as legs and buttocks.

Eliminating cellulite is not a trivial matter, but there is no need to lose heart. The best strategy is to act on several fronts: in addition to diligently applying creams, muds and gels that contain the latest findings of cosmetic science, it is also necessary to exercise to promote circulation and tone the muscles and follow a healthy (not necessarily low-calorie) diet that prevents fat accumulation and water retention.
In fact, cellulite consists of an alteration of the skin cells: on the one hand the fat cells increase, on the other water accumulates between one cell and the other: and here appears the most hated and feared imperfection by women, including stars .

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