Against the ill-treatment of the elderly: the beneficial effects of the embrace

Against the ill-treatment of the elderly: the beneficial effects of the embrace

A 20-second hug produces scientifically proven therapeutic effects on the body and mind: combats pain and lowers pressure

Here's how many hugs we need per day to be happy

A 20 second hug gives the body good humor and relief, with benefits also recognized by science.

"The hug is a powerful symbol of affectivity and encompasses the key values ​​of listening and personalizing care that inspire our operators every day", explains Mariuccia Rossini, President of Korian Italia, a leading company in the offer of services for the quality aging.

When it lasts at least twenty seconds, the hug produces a therapeutic effect on the body and mind. Let's see in detail what its benefits are:

Increase confidence
It is a gesture that embodies protection and trust. Embracing contributes to improving emotional well-being and consolidating social relationships, giving a feeling of closeness and e etto ect that activates endorphins, also improving self-esteem.

Elixir of good mood
At the moment of embrace, an exchange of positive energies takes place between the two people. The merit is oxytocin, the so-called good mood hormone. But not only: hugging strengthens ties and helps us feel protected, loved and happy.

Natural painkiller
Hugs have a therapeutic effect on our body: they are able to relieve pain, acting as a natural pain reliever, such as sleep. And not only. The benefits of the embrace are also found on the nervous and immune systems: hugging repeatedly, in fact, helps to relax the nerves and strengthen the body's defenses, releasing muscle tension and protecting us from infections and diseases.

Heart ally
The hug is a great ally for our heart: it helps to keep our heart rate and blood flow under control, favoring the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Embracing yourself several times during the day helps lower blood pressure, reducing the risks associated with hypertension.

It instills courage
The energy exchanged during the embrace transmits a great strength of soul: it removes fears and helps us to overcome small and large difficulties with a different spirit. It has been proven that holding a loved one, an animal or even a tree is useful to receive the strength we need to face each situation with serenity: nobody is strong enough not to need a hug.

Because of these virtues, on the occasion of the World Day against ill treatment of the elderly, scheduled for June 15, 2019, Korian Italia supports the AbbracciAMOci project to reject all forms of violence. The initiative will involve all the 48 structures of the Group (RSA, Care Homes, Milan administrative headquarters) on the national territory with the aim of raising awareness among staff, guests and their families through an emotional communication campaign.

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