Ageusia, because we no longer perceive flavors

Ageusia, because we no longer perceive flavors

Ageusia is the complete lack of perception of flavors. This episode of "Daily Health Pills" explains the causes

Ageusia is the complete lack of perception of flavors and is a much discussed topic in this period of Covid-19, because it is one of the most classic symptoms related to Sars-Cov2 virus infection.

However, ageusia can also be caused by other causes. In fact, it can be linked to various pathological conditions for which the opinion of the attending physician is always required.

Causes of ageusia

It must be remembered that there are neurological pathologies, inflammations of the trigeminal nerve and glossopharyngeal nerve or problems with the sense of smell that can also change the perception of taste. In some cases, there may be difficulties in the normal production of saliva with reduced synthesis of this organic liquid or even lesions of the mucous membrane of the tongue.

Attention should be paid to drugs, there are many that have been associated with dysgeusia, that is, with an altered perception of taste. The appearance of ageusia has been linked with the intake of drugs for high blood pressure, antibiotics or active ingredients used for the treatment of some neurological diseases.

Ageusia and dysgeusia

When discussing your symptom with your doctor, you must try to explain it as precisely as possible. If in general we speak of ageusia when perception does not exist, dysgeusia defines a distortion of taste perception. We speak of parageusia when the problem appears in the presence of food and drink or there is a sort of science fiction situation, called fantageusia: in this case the sensation appears even in the absence of food, but at the mere thought of what one would eat. Finally, heterogeusia is a condition in which the taste without being unpleasant can still be different.

The picture, as you can see, is complex, and must always be addressed carefully together with your doctor.

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