AIRC Research Azalea to fight against female cancers

AIRC Research Azalea to fight against female cancers

The AIRC Research Azalea is back on Mother's Day: a concrete gesture to make female tumors more and more treatable

The AIRC Research Azalea is back, a symbol of health and the fight against female cancer. Blossomed for the first time back in 1984, this flower is a special and precious gift for Mother's Day.

In 37 years, the Research Azalea has made it possible to raise over 275 million euros to support the work of the best scientists committed to developing methods for increasingly early diagnosis and personalized therapies, more effective and better tolerated for cancers that affect women .

Where to buy the Research Azalea

On Sunday 9 May, compatibly with the indications of the health and government authorities, AIRC volunteers will return to the streets to distribute the Research Azalea for a donation of 15 euros. The Azalea will be accompanied by a special Guide with information on prevention, cancer treatment and some easy recipes to dedicate to the mother.

AIRC Research Azalea AIRC Research Azalea You can also buy it online 40,00 EUR Buy on Amazon

Cancer emergency in Italy

About one in three women is affected by a tumor in the course of life, in 2020 over 182,000 new diagnoses in the female gender were estimated in our country. The most frequent new cases of cancer among women were: breast (55,000), colorectal (20,200), lung (13,300), thyroid (9,800), uterus (8,300), pancreas (7,400), melanoma (6,700), non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (6,100), stomach (6,100), ovary (5,100).

These numbers tell us that it is necessary to continue investing in cancer research because the possibility of having new treatments starts from afar: patients today benefit from the results that researchers have obtained thanks to decades of studies and investments. This is also why it is essential to continue to support their work, the only possibility to reach a future that is increasingly free from cancer.

Research advances and upcoming challenges: breast cancer

Early diagnosis and increasingly effective therapies mean that today in Italy there are almost 3.6 million patients who have overcome cancer, an increase of about 37% compared to 10 years ago.

In women, the 5-year survival from diagnosis is approximately 63 percent compared to 54 percent for men. In particular, the figure grows up to 87 percent for breast cancer where research has achieved very important results. However, much remains to be done for the more aggressive forms, those that do not respond to the therapies available today, as is the case for triple negative breast cancer or metastatic breast cancer.

Colorectal and lung cancers

In recent years, the survival rate in cases of colorectal cancer has reached about 65 percent, thanks to screening programs, early diagnosis and improved therapies, which are increasingly precise and targeted.

However, the data indicate an increase in the incidence of this disease in the female population, attributable to the adoption of unhealthy behaviors. The growth of lung cancer cases among women is also particularly worrying: only in the last year there has been a + 3.4 percent. To reduce the risk, it is essential to eliminate the first cause: smoking, 85-90% of lung cancers is caused precisely by this harmful habit.

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Female tumors

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