Ajda Pekkan (71 years old), the secret of the singer who never gets old

Ajda Pekkan (71 years old), the secret of the singer who never gets old

Ajda Pekkan is a Turkish singer who has managed to stop time. At 71 he shows 30. Here are his beauty secrets

Ajda Pekkan, the secrets of the 71-year-old singer who does not age

Her name is Ajda Pekkan and she is a successful Turkish singer. His story is made incredible by a number: 71, his age. Looking at it, it seems incredible. Platinum blonde hair and stunning physique, Ajda is much loved at home, where she is considered one of the most influential women. On social networks it has 410 thousand followers who follow its days, including diet, training and shows. Leafing through his photos, it is impossible not to be amazed: the time seems to have stopped for Ajda, the shadow of a wrinkle does not appear on his face, he has a perfect body and a shape to be envious of twenty-year-olds. What is its secret?

During some interviews the woman has revealed that she follows a rather strict diet, paying close attention to what she eats, despite this she does not renounce some tearing to the rule. "‘ I am always very careful with what I eat – he said -, although I cannot say I limit my choices: I like fish and kebabs ". Born in 1946 Ajda became famous during the 1960s and in the 1980s he represented Turkey at the Eurovision Sogn Contest. She was later named "state singer" by the government and has over twenty albums.

Her followers follow her not only for her music, but above all for her beauty tips. To stay young Ajda undergoes anti-aging treatments in Switzerland, where he often goes, he also practices a lot of gym. The woman also confessed to having resorted to cosmetic surgery, increasing the breast. In addition, every morning, as soon as you wake up, consume a drink prepared with water, ginger, lemon and honey. "I walk a lot and drink a lot of water – explained Ajda Pekkan to those who asked her for the secret of eternal youth -, I can't think of living without water".

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