Akash and Antonella Fiordelisi, no flirtations in sight: he denies

Akash and Antonella Fiordelisi, no flirtations in sight: he denies

After the Island of the Famous 2021, did Akash find love again? The former castaway was seen with Antonella Fiordelisi, but it's just friendship

Akash Kumar, beautiful and mysterious Indian-Brazilian model

Akash Kumar is in love again, or maybe not: the former competitor of the Island of the Famous 2021, recently spotted in the sweet company of Antonella Fiordelisi, has denied any flirtation with the splendid model and influencer. Between the two, apparently, there would be only a beautiful friendship.

Their relationship seems to have been born a short time ago, but love never blossomed. Akash, fresh from a short but intense experience at the Island of the Famous 2021, has just come out of a long and very important story that has left deep scars on him. Talking to Barbara D’Urso's microphones, the beautiful ice-eyed model revealed that he suffered from panic attacks and depression in that difficult period of his life.

Antonella Fiordelisi also had an important relationship until recently: the influencer was for a long time with Francesco Chiofalo, the beloved protagonist of one of the past editions of Temptation Island. The young woman, who was born and raised in Salerno, was even ready to move to Rome to finally be close to him, but given the breakup she preferred to come to Milan to have more job opportunities in the fashion world. And it is precisely here that he met Akash, at least according to what is known about the couple.

The two would meet for the first time thanks to mutual friends, and soon a splendid friendship would be born between them. Nothing more, however: although the Whoopsee website has photographed them in intimate attitudes as they strolled around the city, even surprising them in what, at first glance, seemed like a tender kiss, Akash wanted to disprove the love story. On Instagram, by publishing one of the shots in question shared by a friend of his, he clarified the matter.

“But it's a kiss on the cheek, we're really friends. And then we were also with other people. If I had an affair with someone would I show myself like this in my stories? You know me, so you know how I am ”. Likewise, Fiordelisi has put an end to the rumors about them by answering questions from fans among her Instagram stories. To those who asked her if she had ever met Akash, she revealed: "Yes, we are friends". Simple, but clear.

Therefore, there is no tender between the beautiful model of Indian origins and Antonella Fiordelisi. The two would be dating as friends – among other things, apparently, always in the company of other people. Both, although returning from long important relationships, have not experienced the famous spark that ignites passion.

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