Akash Kumar and Giovanna Abate: what happened after the Island of the Famous

Akash Kumar and Giovanna Abate: what happened after the Island of the Famous

After Akash's return to Italy from "Isola dei Famosi", Giovanna Abate told what happened between them

Akash Kumar, beautiful and mysterious Indian-Brazilian model

Their flirtation had already caused discussion at the beginning of the Island of the Famous: we are talking about Akash Kumar, the beautiful Brazilian model, and Giovanna Abate, former tronista of Men and Women.

As is well known, Akash's adventure in Honduras did not last long: after being eliminated by televoting, in fact, the model had landed on Parasite Island, but had refused the possibility of continuing the game on the secret beach. Meanwhile, in an interview with Casa Chi, the former tronist of the date show had confirmed the rumors about their dating, which had inevitably stopped after Akash's departure.

Precisely on that occasion the Abbot had learned of some conversations that the model would have had with another girl just before setting sail for the island, remaining speechless.

After a few weeks Giovanna returned to talk about their relationship: interviewed by Men and Women Magazine, the Abate wanted to emphasize that she is single and that she enjoys the joys of her work. Their attendance, as he had already admitted in the past, was interrupted shortly before leaving for Honduras:

There was no follow-up after his return from the island. Our dating had begun in December but neither of us would have known what turn it would take. We continued to hear each other until he left for Honduras. I got along well with this person but we were both at a point in our lives where everyone had to think about themselves. Love had not broken out and this time I preferred to remain the beautiful memory of an acquaintance rather than a love that ended badly. I learned to stop earlier, rather than chasing someone.

To the microphones of the magazine, the former tronist wanted to explain what happened after his elimination from the reality show and his repatriation to Italy:

We had stayed before his departure which we would see each other on our return. In the end, nothing happened. At this moment silence fell. I can't speak for him. But to date I have not felt like making available the extra energy that I need to allocate to myself at this moment.

No return of the flame for Giovanna and Akash: theirs was therefore a brief acquaintance, concluded with no regrets from both. After all, the Abate currently has a single goal: it is in fact engaged in the launch of its first clothing line.

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