Akash Kumar, beautiful and mysterious model

Akash Kumar, beautiful and mysterious model

Akash Kumar, beautiful and mysterious model

March 23, 2021 Akash Kumar, born in 1991, beautiful model born in New Delhi to an Indian father and a Brazilian mother, raised in Verona and living in Milan, where he is a very popular model. Aided by a dark complexion and two wonderful and unusual blue eyes (according to some, the result of a surgical operation). Akash became popular with the general public thanks to his participation in Ballando in 2018, which brought him fame, visibility and also a train of controversy related to his different names used to break into the world of entertainment. Because if he arrived from Milly as Akash Kumar, on TV he had already presented himself as a tempter and "Temptation Island", with the name of Pablo Andreis Romero and Ciao Darwin with that of Andrea P. Of certain are his beauty and photogenicity, even if on the Island of the Famous, where he participated as a castaway in the last edition, they weren't enough to make him love his fellow adventurers and the public, who eliminated him in the first nomination. But Akash couldn't wait to go home: "Trash and strategies don't belong to me, I'm a stranger to this world and outside I have a career waiting for me". Many have wondered what he had come to do in the reality show, especially given his declared phobia of water. "Akash, did you know that the island is surrounded by them?" Ilary Blasi asked him during the first episode, halfway between amazed and amused. But even this will remain a mystery, like its many identities Share on Facebook +

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