Akash Kumar, the mystery of the eyes: the photo on Instagram causes discussion

Akash Kumar, the mystery of the eyes: the photo on Instagram causes discussion

The debate on Akash Kumar's eyes continues on Instagram and a photo causes discussion

Akash Kumar, beautiful and mysterious Indian-Brazilian model

The mystery continues on the eyes of Akash Kumar, the controversial competitor of the Island of the Famous 2021 and a photo on Instagram causes discussion. The model has now abandoned the reality show, but continues to be at the center of the debate. After the long-distance confrontation with Tommaso Zorzi during the last episode of the show, Akash ended up in the storm because of the color of his eyes.

In fact, many argue that they have not always been blue, but that this particular color is the result of a controversial operation called brightocular. After a long debate, Akash posted on Instagram a shot of a blue-eyed child, accompanied by a caption that suggested it was him. “Before judging, get informed – he wrote -. Envy. Hi aunt who left me in this world of appearance. You'll always be in my heart".

Shortly after, however, the model was forced to delete the post due to numerous comments that signaled the fact that that photo had been taken by Google. In fact, by typing in the search bar "Indian boys blue eyes", that photo appears. Once the post was removed, Akash vented into Instagram Stories. "In that photo you can clearly see my blue eyes now shut up – said the former competitor of the Isola dei Famosi -. Can you find photography on Pinterest? Of course, because I was very famous from an early age. Maybe you don't know that I was one of the rarest children in the world, there are 7 of us like this and there is also Jeremy. Don't talk if you don't know things. I'm a top myself and they already knew me as a child, that's why that image is everywhere ".

The model then explained that he is tired of justifying himself, showing more shots from his private album in which he has blue eyes. Marina La Rosa, a former gieffina and competitor of the Isola dei Famosi, also defended him, commenting on some photos: "I don't understand why people just look at (and argue) the color of the eyes. They are yours are not yours, useless controversy. That is, if you had them in another color, in their opinion, would you be a toilet?!? Mah. What nonsense ".

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