Al Bano against fake news on inheritance to children: its truth

Al Bano against fake news on inheritance to children: its truth

Al Bano clarified the inheritance issue, a fake news in all respects born from a phrase by Jasmine interpreted "imaginatively"

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Al Bano against fake news, this time for a family matter. You know, social networks are an important and useful place of exchange, but sometimes they also become the megaphone for news that, to be honest, are completely unfounded. Just a phrase interpreted "imaginatively" and here the damage is done.

Precisely what happened to Al Bano and the Carrisi family, who found themselves at the center of the news after an interview given by Jasmine Carrisi to the weekly Diva e Donna. The daughter of the singer from Cellino San Marco and Loredana Lecciso talked about many things, not only about her career and her aspirations but also about her parents and her beloved brother, Bido. And it is precisely about her brother that Jasmine would have uttered the offending sentence: "My brother Bido, who is finishing high school in Switzerland this year, wants to study to manage the estate".

These few simple words were enough to literally unleash an uproar. Many on social media have insinuated that Al Bano intended to designate his son Bido as the sole heir, setting aside the rest of the offspring. We speak of course of the large and prolific winery of Cellino San Marco, in the heart of Salento, where the singer has been producing oil and wine for years.

"I never thought or said that I will give the whole company to my son Bido – Al Bano specified exclusively to TgCom24 -. It is fake news, my inheritance will be shared equally with my children. (…) It is a misinterpreted sentence, I have divided everything equally. I have already started with 10% for everyone and over time everything will be divided, absolutely everything, in equal parts ”.

Question resolved, therefore, for the singer from Cellino San Marco who wanted to clarify once and for all how things stand. Children can sleep soundly, as well as those who wanted to spread fake news on issues that, after all, are strictly familiar.

And Al Bano can continue to devote himself to the really important things, first of all the sweet expectation of his daughter Cristel who will make him a grandfather for the third time.

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