Al Bano and Loredana, their 21 years of love: "Too many have put their beak between us"

Al Bano and Loredana, their 21 years of love: "Too many have put their beak between us"

Al Bano and Loredana Lecciso celebrate 21 years of love this year and today they have found their balance and their serenity

Al Bano turns his birthday and Romina challenges Loredana (who responds in kind)

For Al Bano and Loredana Lecciso there is an important anniversary: ​​they are 21 years of love that bind them. The singer and his partner silenced all the rumors of alleged crises and tensions, showing that theirs is a solid story full of wonderful moments.

They talked about it to the weekly Oggi, in a long interview to celebrate this milestone of their intense relationship. “There were difficult moments, but they united us even more – they said -. They allowed us today to have the right balance. We are very similar, more similar than people imagine. And respect for each other's individualities also counted a lot. We have our spaces, we preserve them, but then we do things together with enthusiasm, we find ourselves ".

To keep Al Bano and Loredana Lecciso united can only be the value of the family, essential for both. And of course the love for their children ("We are ready to make any sacrifices for them"), which has always gone beyond any gossip that has affected their life as a couple over the years: "Then there are humility and solidity: we were good soldiers ”, added Carrisi.

Impossible not to mention the love story with Romina Power, which for decades made the Italian public dream. A partnership, the one with the ex-wife, which today is above all professional, but which still continues to give great emotions to the couple's fans. "In 1996 he chose his life, we had a great time together, then night fell – said Al Bano -. Everyone thought that as a man from the South that I am I would never be able to rebuild a life: I, on the other hand, have rebuilt it as it should happen, and I'm proud of it “.

However, Lecciso could not refrain from making a clarification, which suggests resentments that have not yet subsided: “I have allowed too many people to put their beak between us. Now I no longer allow a soul to cross the border of our couple ". Today Al Bano and Loredana have found balance and serenity, so much so that marriage (defined as "mental" by the singer) is not one of their priorities: "With age we understand that what we have is the result of a choice we make every day day. We have both already been married in the past. Maybe 15 years ago I would have liked marriage, but only for a matter of order: now I don't see it as a need. I'm fine with Al Bano and he with me ”, concluded Lecciso.

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