Al Bano Carrisi gets angry with Romina Power for the letter to Domenica In

Al Bano is not there and criticizes Romina Power after the letter sent to Domenica In for her 77th birthday

Al Bano Carrisi gets angry with Romina Power and confesses that she did not like the ex-wife's choice to write a letter for him that Mara Venier should have read live on Sunday In. The singer did not digest the clash that occurred a few days at all ago, with the presenter ready to declaim a poem written by his ex-wife for him. But let's go in order. The artist connected with the Sunday show, telling his days in Cellino San Marco and sending a message of hope. For the occasion, Mara also wanted to celebrate her 77th birthday.

After the greeting messages and clips dedicated to Al Bano, Venier announced that she had received a letter from Romina dedicated to Carrisi. However, the artist refused to listen to her so as not to offend Loredana Lecciso, his current partner and mother of the children Jasmine and Bido. The result was a sparkling response and response with Mara in which the Apulian singer reiterated his desire to protect his private life, perhaps tired of the continuous gossip about an alleged love triangle with the two women of his life.

Interviewed by the weekly Oggi, Al Bano confessed that he was disappointed with Power's behavior. "With all the honor that it can represent for me to receive a poem from Romina – he said -, I must also say that he probably committed a lightness. He had to send it to me, not try to get it read on television. It's a private thing. " Not only that: the Apulian artist also wanted to make clear once and for all what his sentimental situation is. "Let's clarify once and for all – he said -, I was married for 30 years to Romina, and then it ended up as it ended up. Later I made up my life and I was also entitled to it. I have a great love for my first and second bed children and I don't want there to be discrepancies between the two situations. When I perform with Romina on stage, I feel very comfortable with her. Then, for the rest, in the private sphere, now and for quite some time, my life is another. "

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