Al Bano, Loredana Lecciso wants to make up with Romina Power

Loredana Lecciso is willing to take a step back and confesses that she wishes there was great harmony with Romina Power. While Al Bano triumphs at the wedding with Happiness

Loredana Lecciso takes a step back and declares herself willing to reconcile with Romina Power.

The showgirl confesses it to the magazine Oggi where only some time ago Al Bano had declared that her greatest desire would be to see her two great loves, Romina and Loredana, in harmony with each other.

Lecciso, returned to Cellino San Marco, seems to share the singer's desire:

If she held out her hand, I would extend them both. And all of this could only be enjoyed by our children, but above all by Al Bano.

The showgirl continues, recalling an episode from some time ago:

I wish there was great harmony with Romina. I remember a few years ago, it was Palm Sunday and Al Bano asked me if he could invite Romina to lunch with us. I wish there was more of our Palm Sunday. I don't say every day, but I would like all of us to go back to sharing good moments, like a real extended family.

Then Lecciso is asked if she feels married to Al Bano:

It is as if I had been.

It doesn't escape the fact you talk about it in the past:

For me Al Bano is past, present, future. It is a strong presence. There is great esteem among us and despite being so apparently different, we are much more similar than you might think. We are equal in the fundamental values ​​of life.

It's still:

It was important to me when he said in an interview that he wanted to marry me. He did it with his heart. Everything Al Bano says says it from the bottom of his heart and for me it is as if he had married me at that moment.

Meanwhile Romina continues her life in the United States where she lives and for the moment she does not pronounce on the possibility of a reconciliation with Lecciso. And waiting to work on the unreleased album with his ex, Al Bano sings Happiness at the wedding of Arsenal footballer Henrikh Mkhitaryan and it was a triumph.

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