Al Bano, Romina Junior's grief over the death of her aunt Taryn Power

Romina Power e la figlia Romina Carrisi

On Instagram, Romina Carrisi talks about her grief over the death of Taryn, the beloved aunt and sister of Power

The death of Taryn, sister of Romina Power, deeply shaken the whole family and in particular Romina Jr, born from the love between the American actress and the singer of Cellino San Marco. The girl shared some shots on Instagram in which she told about her splendid relationship with her aunt, without hiding the great pain she is feeling.

Smiling, ironic and cheerful, Taryn was the beloved sister of Romina Power, a travel and laughter companion. Passionate about music and animal rights activist, she passed away after a tough battle against leukemia. His death was announced by Al Bano's ex-wife, who told Taryn's courage and beauty on Instagram, sharing videos and photos. Romina Carrisi also wanted to pay homage to her aunt on social media, revealing that she is very saddened by this important loss.

"The words will come later," he wrote, posting a shot in which he smiles, hugging his aunt. "The best aunt I could wish for," reads an image in which the two women have fun together. Then a photo of Taryn observing the sea with Romina Power and a thought: "You loved the sea, you also entered the Pacific Ocean with 10 degrees. You told me about your life walking on the beach and I was fascinated, kidnapped and enchanted by your strength and voracity, by your sweetness and natural preference for a true and genuine dimension ".

Taryn was very close not only to Romina, but also to her whole family, including Al Bano Carrisi. The sister of the American actress had an excellent relationship with all her grandchildren and had often been in the Cellino San Marco estates. In the past, together with Al Bano, Romina and Franco, the brother of the Apulian singer, he had formed a quartet that had toured Europe.

“How many breathtaking gallops I rode on their horse Nina among the olive trees – he had confessed some time ago to the weekly Chi talking about his holidays in Puglia -. How many good memories. Even today, when I hear them singing in concert, I feel like crying out of melancholy. Those were good times and there was love at will. "

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