Al Bano, the confession on Romina Power: “Like brother and sister”

Al Bano, the confession on Romina Power: "Like brother and sister"

Al Bano is back to talk about his private and sentimental life, just before the beginning of his adventure in “Dancing with the Stars”

Al Bano turns his birthday and Romina challenges Loredana (who responds in kind)

Al Bano returns to talk about his private and sentimental life: he does so just before the start of his adventure in Dancing with the Stars, which will see him among the protagonists together with Morgan, one of the first contestants of the cast of the program to be made official.

In a recent interview with Libero, the singer from Cellino San Marco made no secret of being excited about this new chapter of his career. Together with his daughter Jasmine he also renounced the GF Vip: after the disappointment of not having been reconfirmed in the jury of The Voice Senior, the two had been proposed to enter the most spied house in Italy, but both had other projects.

After all, Milly Carlucci did everything to have him in the cast, also breaking one of his rules, that of not involving anyone who had already participated in other reality shows: “I admit, I courted him for a long time to convince him to accept and have him on track with us. But greats like him are not afraid of challenges, ”he revealed recently.

“They convinced me to participate but I absolutely do not know how to dance – Al Bano told the newspaper -. Maybe a few rounds of waltzes but stop. I’m going to be a comedian, in the sense that I will really laugh “. The character of the singer is well known to the public and certainly will not get discouraged, even if the competition will be interesting. Carrisi in the past had already dressed the role of “dancer for a night” alongside Romina Power, even if this time his role will be much more demanding.

And it is precisely on Romina that Al Bano let himself go: in the interview he wanted to emphasize the relationship with his ex-wife, after the rumors about some tensions between Power and Lecciso dating back a few weeks ago. It is no mystery that the artist aims to create a serene atmosphere in his extended family: “You and I are brother and sister. Between us there is only work. No more wars, ”he said.

If on the one hand Loredana Lecciso would have lent a hand to Romina, claiming to be ready for a coffee with her, the latest statements by Al Bano’s partner would have irritated the American singer, who this summer would have even rented a villa for about an hour away from her home in Cellino San Marco, far from her ex-husband and Lecciso.

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