Alarm: moms, so the stroller can spoil your children

Alarm: moms, so the stroller can spoil your children

Michelle Hunziker, tender mother with a big belly

Car strollers and seats, if used inappropriately, could limit the physical and speech development of the child. The British neuropsychologist Sally Goddard Blythe, director of the Institute of Physiological Neuropsychology in Chester, sounded the alarm.

According to the expert, the stroller facing forward, with mom and dad behind it, would not favor the fundamental interactions between baby and parents, causing difficulties in language development.

Marcello Lunari, director of the complex operating unit of pediatrics and neonatology of the Imola hospital, of opposite opinion, recognizes in the stroller facing forward the opportunity to offer more stimuli to the child. In fact, the little one, looking around, has the opportunity to discover the environment that surrounds him.

However, both experts agree that the stroller should not be considered as a place to hold the baby for too long, as often happens when one has learned to use it. This would have negative consequences on his physical development, preventing him from exploring the world with his little hands, from experiencing the consistency of objects.

The stroller can certainly be used for travel, but it must not be the privileged place in which to keep the baby, especially when he is grown up, this induces the little one "to poor autonomy and is little physiological for posture". The child is likely to take on incorrect body positions because he is forced into a limited space.

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