Alba Parietti and the costume test on Instagram: perfect bikini at 59 years old

Alba Parietti and the costume test on Instagram: perfect bikini at 59 years old

The gorgeous showgirl shows an enviable physique: her bikini photo is really perfect

Alba Parietti is one of the first costume rehearsals of this approaching summer, and we can say without a shadow of a doubt that the showgirl has been able to surprise all her fans. In bikini, she looks truly divine and sports an incredible physique.

Gorgeous, on the threshold of 59, Alba Parietti published on Instagram a photo that portrays her in costume, a self-portrait taken in the bathroom in front of the mirror. The first detail that catches the eye? An extraordinary physique: apparently, time seems to stand still for the beautiful showgirl. Alba is proud of its sinuous shapes, of its perfect and turned legs, of its soap and water charm. No make up for this shot, the Parietti is gorgeous without the need to resort to any artifice.

"And next year they will be fiercely 60 … I love them all, I would not leave them and I would deny none, they are mine and I have stravissati, if someone thinks that for me age is an offense or a deterrent is wrong … I am a flag , I am alive and proud to have lived and eaten them all ”- writes the showgirl with the caption of the photo. Parietti thus announces her costume test, aware that she can also attract many critics for having chosen to exhibit her body to the detriment of the registry age.

“I love this moment when I finally have an excuse to perform and get 50 percent insults. This also makes me feel tremendously alive. I am a child and I have a 'certain age', not 'a certain age' … A beautiful day full of sun and wind and contradictions exactly like me "- Alba concludes. And, as she expected, some really spicy and poisonous appear among the comments that praise her beauty.

Beloved by many, hated by someone, Alba Parietti is not, moreover, a woman who leaves indifferent and that's why she attracts sympathy and discontent. He has long been a guest of numerous television lounges, where he appears as a commentator and always makes a lot of discussion. A Live – It is not D’Urso, Parietti is now a fixed presence and is able to stand out among the others with its profound interventions, which sometimes make us reflect.

In short, Alba is a real star, and she is also very successful on Instagram. With his bikini photo, he showed us not only his enchanting physique, but also the courage to be himself beyond any difficulty and obstacle, even when it comes to the time that slips through our hands.

alba parietti

Alba Parietti in bikini – Photo: Instagram

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