Alba Parietti confesses: "I had a tumor at 37"

Alba Parietti confesses and reveals that she has had uterine cancer

Alba Parietti confesses the tragedy of her past, revealing that she had a tumor at 37 years old.

A revelation arrived on the wave of the post in which Emma Marrone claimed to have to stop due to some health problems. The singer from Salento in the past fought against cancer, undergoing an operation a few months before joining Amici di Maria De Filippi and again in 2014. While the artist kept us reassure the fans, claiming to be serene, many friends and colleagues wanted to express their closeness to him.

Among them not only Maria De Filippi and the former Marco Bocci, but also Alba Parietti who made a confession in a long post on Instagram. "Like so many women I have passed and I know, exactly what it feels like – the showgirl revealed – […] I had a severe neoplasm at 37 years of age at the cervix, I was operated on urgently, thanks to the diligence of my gynecologist and Jessica who gently forced me to undergo careful prevention ".

Parietti then recalled those moments, made of fear, but also courage, thanks to the presence of her friends. "On the day of the operation all my friends arrived – she confessed -, a" barbaric company ", we even managed to laugh about it. I told neither my parents nor my son to not frighten them ".

"I solved it without great trauma," added Alba. But the diagnosis was atrocious to hear: cancer its name was cancer, incidentally generated by the degeneration of the papilloma virus. When you say this word the doctor, you think he is not talking about you or you. Instead it happens. The possibility exists for everyone. There are also miraculous cures, operations, and resolute therapies as it was in my case thanks to a prevention and an immediacy that I had to operate on, paying, which we must demand and obtain for all as a right to life and health for free ”.

"Then the message to Emma Marrone, engaged in her personal battle:" You are an emblem of strength – wrote Alba -, of ability to communicate with courage. Bad things must make sense. The meaning of your illness will be your battle so that all women have equal rights, with respect to prevention and care ".

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