Alba Parietti remembers Ezio Bosso on Instagram and publishes a private message

Alba Parietti remembers Ezio Bosso on Instagram and publishes a private message

Three months after his death, Alba Parietti remembers Ezio Bosso on Instagram and publishes his private message

Alba Parietti remembers Ezio Bosso on Instagram and does so by publishing a private message from the musician who passed away on May 15th. A bond, the one between Ezio and Alba, which grew away from the spotlight and became more important and stronger every day. The artist's death had upset Parietti, who had told her pain on social media, but also the more private side of Bosso.

Three months after leaving Ezio, Alba wanted to remember him by posting a message he had sent her in which he talked about music and his work. “When they compliment me I am embarrassed – we read next to a shot that portrays them together -. I also blush in silence, my Alba. I know it may seem absurd. But it is so. What I do is only commitment and for me it is the least that can be done and it is never enough. Maybe that's what still keeps me going a little deep and it's not really enough for me. I would like to do more. And also when they make them to the music I write. Because it really doesn't depend on me. I only apply myself, but it makes me happy when it makes someone happy, dreaming, imagining or even just a little good for someone, something I've got my hands on. Goodnight Alba ”.

"Then Parietti's comment:" Goodnight Ezio, my beloved unforgettable friend, three months without you Manchi ". Since 2011 Ezio Bosso was suffering from a neurodegenerative disease, which he was diagnosed with after an operation to remove a brain tumor. “We said so many things – Alba had confided on Instagram after her death -, I spent whole days crying looking at the ceiling thinking about how tragic her fate was and I wanted to convince myself that it was not so. I loved his defects more than his qualities because they were his strength, like that ability that many have experienced on different levels to seduce you and leave you breathless and hopeless. This was his magic, with a touch of his wand he made you approach and with another he kept you away, it was also his way of protecting relationships, of keeping them suspended, of not defining them ”.

“I had learned to know him and it was not easy – he explained talking about Ezio Bosso -, it was not easy to be friends with him, it was not easy to love him, with him I could never decide anything and I always and only accepted the rules he established. […] This is why I treated Ezio as I treated everyone, and this is my greatest fault and greatest relief. Because I had no filters, I liked to provoke his reactions, we had a straightforward relationship and that was the best thing. I have always flown over stereotypes, banality and physical conditions, above anything ”.

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