Alda D’Eusanio: "I lost my memory and I suffer from epileptic seizures"

Alda D’Eusanio: "I lost my memory and I suffer from epileptic seizures"

Women who survived a tragedy

Losses and epileptic seizures are some of the serious troubles that Alda D 'Eusanio faces daily after a scooter hit her three years ago, reducing her to a coma and causing her some internal bleeding and fractures.

To tell her ordeal is the same journalist to Barbara D’Urso, guest of the broadcast Domenca Live. "I can no longer leave the house alone because I could have an epileptic crisis at any moment, I can no longer drive. You wake up in the morning with a hallucinating headache, you get out of bed and fall. You no longer have the possibility to smell and smell. You can eat a salad like caviar and it's the same thing. I can't work anymore because I have no memory left. "

In addition to the epileptic seizures, D’Eusanio no longer has a memory, she does not even remember who Garibaldi is: "I am without memory, as if I lived in a science fiction film".

The journalist then specified that she was not only working because of her health conditions due not to age but to the accident. "Giancarlo Leone called me last year to lead Verdetto Finale. But I can't do it. I can talk to you, keep up for an hour, 30 minutes – he told Barbara D'Urso – But I already know that, for this reason, I will have to stay in bed for fifteen days with a terrible headache. "

Alda, however, is a strong woman, like many famous women she does not want to undergo the disease and fall, so she told this episode: "The last time I fell I hurt my hand. To the doctor who was swaddling me, I asked to leave me one finger, the middle finger, free. Because you can count your friends on the fingers of one hand, for the enemies, on the other hand, just one finger. "

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