Aldo Montano and Olga Plachina bis parents. Little Mario Jr was born

Olga Plachina, wife of Aldo Montano, gave birth to little Mario Jr, their second son. In December the whole family had tested positive for Covid-19

Aldo Montano became a father for the second time. In fact, his wife Olga Plachina gave birth to a boy on the evening of March 27. After long days of waiting, therefore, the couple can finally enjoy their life with the new arrival in the family.

What binds Aldo and Olga is a deep love: she model and athlete, simply beautiful, and he blue champion, they met thanks to a mutual friendship and they never left each other. Nothing could divide them, neither the distance nor the great age difference. Montano is in fact 19 years older than her.

Soon they both understood the importance of their bond and, with the desire to face the future together, they decided to get married, with a magical ceremony that took place in Siberia in 2016. Everything happened in the utmost confidentiality, taken from which distinguishes both. The step to becoming parents was then short, with the arrival of little Olympia in 2017. And, now, they are happy to announce the birth of their second child:

You made you wait – the athlete wrote on Instagram – but you finally arrived last night! You are already very courageous because you have decided to come into the world in such a difficult historical moment for all of us, but on the other hand we have never liked easy things. Welcome Mario, together with your little sister and our special mom, you are our most beautiful medal!

The little one is called Mario Jr, in honor of his grandfather, Aldo Montano's father, and weighs 4.5 kg. The baby was born in perfect health and Olga is also quickly recovering after giving birth. An event that brought great joy not only to Montano, Plachina and little Olimpia, but also to all the couple's friends and family who were waiting for nothing but to welcome their second child.

On the other hand, the pregnancy was not without difficult moments. In fact, in recent months Aldo, Olga and Olimpia have announced that they have contracted Covid-19 with symptoms such as fever, muscle aches and cough. As you can imagine, these were particularly delicate days that caused some concern. Fortunately, however, the disease has not caused any complications and today everyone can celebrate the new arrival.

Aldo and Olga, who are always extremely protective of their privacy, posted very few images on social media while they waited, while letting themselves go to moments of sharing their happiness. Will they publish new images soon or will they prefer to enjoy moments of greater family intimacy?

Aldo Montano

Aldo Montano announces the birth of Mario Jr on his Instagram profile.

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