Alena Seredova and children join Buffon in Brazil. And the D’Amico?

Alena Seredova and children join Buffon in Brazil. And the D’Amico?

Alena Seredova and Nasi, Gigi and Ilaria D’Amico

Alena Seredova in Brazil again. The first time, alongside Gigi and his children, dates back to when the captain of the national team was engaged in the Confederations Cup. At the time they showed themselves relaxed, close-knit, almost amused with their children on the beach of Ipanema. Today, just a year later, that family serenity has faded.

Their separation has been formalized and the separation, albeit in extremely calm tones, appears to be definitive thanks to the presence, according to the specialized magazines, of a third person. There have been rumors for months and the report continues about a liason with the TV presenter Ilaria D’Amico, who has not confirmed or denied the relationship with the Juventus and Azzurri goalkeeper.

Meanwhile, Alena is silent. It makes its life: public outings, aperitifs, friends, evenings: his daily life is marked by the commitments of his children and by those who seem to work intensified after the farewell to the good Gigi.

This photo posted on his Twitter profile shows him with his two children Louis Thomas, born in 2007, and David Lee, born instead in 2009, smiling waiting to land in Brazil and see the dad who continues to reserve praise for his ex for the management of separation ..

"Alena in a very delicate moment when nothing was enough to create difficulties for me in the media, she acted as a woman with incredible dignity. She put love for family and children in front of her rather than her own ego. For this I will thank her forever, despite being separated for a while, she could have every right to create problems for me, instead she was splendid, as I thought she was and as she proved to be ".

The invitation to Brazil had seemed perhaps excessive to her, but not to the two little Buffons who seem excited to embark on this new adventure.

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