Alena Seredova answers questions about Ilaria D'Amico and their relationship

Alena Seredova answers questions about Ilaria D'Amico and their relationship

On Instagram, Alena Seredova sincerely answers questions about Ilaria D'Amico, Buffon's partner, and about their relationship

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On Instagram, Alena Seredova answers questions about Ilaria D'Amico and their relationship. Gigi Buffon's ex-wife proved once again to be a direct and very sincere person. The model did not shy away from the uncomfortable questions of some followers who asked for information about the link with Ilaria D'Amico.

It was 2014 when Seredova, at the time married to Buffon and mother of her two children, discovered on the radio the existence of a relationship between the journalist and the football player. From that moment her existence changed forever, but Alena managed to face the pain and gossip with great dignity and strength. Today the model is happy again. Since 2016, Alessandro Nasi has been at his side, with whom he had little Vivienne Charlotte. He has overcome what happened years ago and many are wondering what his relations with Ilaria D'Amico are today.

On Instagram, Seredova answered questions from followers in a very sincere way. "At Christmas we are all better off, did you and Ilaria exchange greetings, clearly D’Amico?" Asked a fan and Alena promptly replied: "I am good all year round, I do not get better at Christmas …". The model then recalled the difficult period experienced in the past. “How can you forgive after so much pain? You were good ", someone wrote and she replied:" I think the transition is very long, for everyone, a lot also depends on the new company you are. Obviously the disappointment remains ”.

The 42-year-old then spoke about her relationship with Alessandro Nasi and the harmony she managed to create with Louis Thomas and David Lee, the children born of love for Gigi Buffon. “Alessandro is sweet and rarely gets mad. He is very patient – she confessed -, the real gift is the patience he had with me […] I am extremely lucky because they are like the puzzle: they fit in perfectly and I am extremely happy ”.

"Going back, would you still choose a famous partner or would you be far from the world of celebrities?", She was then asked in reference to Buffon. “I honestly don't think it matters who is famous and who is not – replied Alena -. I have always chosen with my heart and this also brought me pain ”.

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