Alena Seredova beaming on Instagram with Alessandro Nasi: never so happy

Alena Seredova beaming on Instagram with Alessandro Nasi: never so happy

The gorgeous Alena Seredova loves spending time with her family, and on Instagram she is delighted

Alena Seredova mom: sweet photos on Instagram

Summer is over, but Alena Seredova is still experiencing days of great serenity in the company of her beautiful family, enjoying the last warm rays of the sun. On Instagram, the Czech showgirl and model shared some happy moments with her partner Alessandro Nasi and her little daughter Vivienne Charlotte.

Gorgeous as ever and very radiant, Alena Seredova has recently published several photos that show her busy enjoying the warmth of her family. Now back home in her Turin, after spending the summer holidays in Forte dei Marmi, the model decided to share her happiness with the fans, and so on Instagram we were able to admire some shots of her next to her partner. She and Alessandro Nasi have been together for some years, and only a few months ago they fulfilled their dream with the birth of Vivienne – third daughter for Seredova, firstborn instead for the entrepreneur.

It is evident that the controversy over the end of her love with Gianluigi Buffon and the suffering they have caused her are now light years away. Alena found her smile again thanks to Alessandro's love, and today they are a wonderful family. On social media, the model loves to share snapshots of her daily life, in which she skillfully juggles between a serene relationship as a couple and a hectic routine as a trio mother: in addition to Vivienne, in fact, Seredova has two other children (David Lee and Louis Thomas ), born from his relationship with Buffon.

A few days ago, as a guest of Silvia Toffanin, the showgirl had returned to talk about her pregnancy and a somewhat difficult birth, which had made her very worried. The little girl, in fact, had a dislocated shoulder and the doctors had to work hard to bring her into the world. However, the happiness in hugging the baby has erased all bad memories, and today Seredova is proud of her extended family.

Fears about the arrival of another baby in the house also melted like snow in the sun when Alena noticed the small gestures her older children immediately adopted towards Vivienne: “They are very protective of her, and the baby girl is in love with them. As soon as they arrive from school, her eyes light up ”- he revealed to Verissimo's microphones.

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Alena Seredova's post – Photo: Instagram

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