Alena Seredova changes in sight, the turning point for companion Alessandro Nasi

Alena Seredova

Air of change for Alena Seredova and family: her partner, Alessandro Nasi, could become the new president of Juventus

Alena Seredova mom: sweet photos on Instagram

Air of great changes for Alena Seredova and her partner Alessandro Nasi, father of little Vivienne Charlotte, born on 19 May 2020. On the horizon there would be an important turning point for the entrepreneur, cousin of Lapo Elkann.

According to the indiscretion reported by Corriere della Sera, Alessandro Nasi should take the place of Andrea Agnelli as president of Juventus. After 11 years, the Juventus team is ready to greet the current president and welcome Alena Seredova's partner.

Once again, therefore, the Czech model, born in 1978, finds herself tied in some way to Juve. In fact, the splendid Alena has been for over a decade the companion and then the wife, since 2011, of Gigi Buffon, goalkeeper of Agnelli's team, with whom she had her first two children, David Lee and Louis Thomas. In 2014 Seredova and Buffon break up, he fell in love with the journalist Ilaria D'Amico with whom he had a son. But this is now water under the bridge, even if between the two digs and jokes they have never been lacking, even recently.

Now, however, it seems that here we are again, if the indiscretion is confirmed and Nasi becomes president of Juve, there will be plenty of opportunities to see Alena at the stadium where her ex plays.

Certainly, however, Seredova and Nasi form a solid couple who saw their love crowned with the birth of little Vivienne who will soon turn one year old, on the other hand Alena already dreams of another child with Alessandro. On her Instagram profile, the model has been telling for months about her peaceful life as a mother who has to do with diapers, baths, first baby food and walks in the park.

The new mother, who had her third daughter at 42, can count on the valuable help of David and Louis, two super big brothers, very tender and protective with the new arrival. An extended family in perfect harmony as evidenced by the photo shared on Instagram on the occasion of Alena's birthday, last 21 March.

From a professional point of view, Seredova continues her activity as a model and showgirl, while Nasi, 46, is vice president of the financial company Exor, headed by John Elkann. And he is president of Comau, an industry that deals with robotics. If he replaces Andrea Agnelli at Juve, he will have a difficult task: to straighten the team from all points of view. And he can count on Alena, always by his side.

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