Alena Seredova, cooking lessons for Vivienne: the photo on Instagram is very sweet

Alena Seredova, cooking lessons for Vivienne: the photo on Instagram is very sweet

For little Vivienne it is already time to learn the first rudiments of cooking: mother Alena Seredova shared a wonderful photo

Alena Seredova mom: sweet photos on Instagram

Alena Seredova is a happy and proud mother, and she often shares beautiful photos of her children on social networks. For Vivienne, the newest member of the family, it is already time to start getting "hands on": the image, published on Instagram, is truly tender.

“First cooking class” – explains Alena Seredova captioning a shot that sees her busy preparing some delicacies for her children. The particularity? The former Czech model wears the pouch, from which a very attentive Vivienne appears, ready not to miss a single movement of her mother. From the concentrated gaze of the little girl, her enthusiasm for what is happening in the kitchen is evident: may she have a future in the kitchen? Certainly, Alena will pass on her passion to her.

The photo is beautiful, and in a few hours it was filled with comments from fans. On the other hand, Seredova loves to show her wonderful family to the world, and in recent months Vivienne has become the real star of her Instagram profile. Born last May 2020 from Alena's relationship with the entrepreneur Alessandro Nasi, the little girl was welcomed into the house with great warmth. Louis Thomas and David Lee – the two sons the former model had from a long love affair with goalkeeper Gigi Buffon – were delighted and, from the very first moment, they proved to be truly special older brothers.

Alena is spending her time with the children, and Vivienne is often the protagonist of the most loved social photos by fans. The first Christmas together, the first snow that surprised the little girl, her first baby food: all very important stages, which Buffon's ex-wife immortalized in her scrapbook. Over the past few weeks, he has faced a complicated challenge. Seredova has in fact discovered that she is positive for Coronavirus and, to protect her family, she immediately moved away from the child: "It's been 15 days and I can't wait to hug her" – she revealed on Instagram.

For Vivienne it will certainly have been difficult having to do without her mother for a few days, but luckily in the end everything went well. And now the two are back to being inseparable, ready to make up for the time lost due to the quarantine.

Alena Seredova, first cooking lesson for Vivienne

Alena Seredova

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