Alena Seredova gorgeous with her daughter Vivienne Charlotte

Alena Seredova gorgeous with her daughter Vivienne Charlotte

Alena Seredova could not be happier and on Instagram she shows herself splendid together with her daughter Vivienne Charlotte

From Caterina Balivo to Alena Seredova, the awakening of the VIPs: without makeup and in total relaxation

Alena Seredova is more and more beautiful and on Instagram she smiles happily together with her daughter Vivienne Charlotte. The little girl, the fruit of love for Alessandro Nasi, brought great happiness to the model's life. On May 19th the little girl turned one year old and she is definitely gorgeous. Blond hair and sweet eyes, little Vivienne looks a lot like mother Alena.

On Instagram, Seredova shares wonderful shots that tell of her days of pampering and love for Vivienne. "Kiss me again", writes the showgirl, posting some splendid shots with the child in which mother and daughter hug and smile. The third child arrived in 2020 at the age of 41, after five years of relationship with the manager Alessandro Nasi. It was he who gave Alena a smile after a dark period, marked by the farewell to Gigi Buffon.

It was 2014 when the kiss between Buffon and Ilaria D'Amico (which revealed their relationship) ended up in all the newspapers. It was then that Seredova discovered that the doorman was dating the presenter. A very hard trial for Alena who at the time chose the path of silence, trying in every way to protect her children Louis Thomas (born in 2007) and David Lee (born in 2009), the result of her marriage to the footballer.

Years have passed since then and over time, one step after another, Alena has rebuilt her existence, meeting the love of her life. With Alessandro Nasi she chose to leave again, giving birth to little Vivienne Charlotte. The model, together with her older children, her partner and her third child, is spending the holidays in Forte dei Marmi. The family couldn't be happier, with ice cream, bike rides, days on the beach and lots of love.

Some time ago the model had returned to talk about the farewell to Gigi Buffon, now linked to Ilaria D’Amico with whom she also had a son, Leopoldo Mattia, and the possibility of forming an extended family. "I will be strange but for me, really, it is not natural to see everyone blessed – he clarified -. Or maybe it's only natural if no one was hurt in that extended family group. But if someone is left there when the heart is still beating… Yes, some call it an extended family, I call it: two wonderful separate families ”.

Alena Seredova and little Vivienne Charlotte

Alena Seredova and little Vivienne Charlotte

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