Alena Seredova in the States with her children and new partner

Alena Seredova in the States with her children and new partner

Alena Seredova flew to the States with her children and new companion Alessandro Nasi, finally happy after breaking up with Buffon

Alena Seredova in the States source: Chi

Alena Seredova returned to Italy after a long vacation in the States in the company of her new partner Alessandro Nasi and her sons David Lee and Louis Thomas, whom Buffon had. The model has decided to take a nice vacation with the people she loves traveling around the United States and discovering dream places. Together with her were her children and her boyfriend, Alessandro Nasi, with whom he seems to have found a smile after a difficult period.

In fact, the separation with Gigi Buffon was not at all simple, but today David Lee and Louis Thomas are happy and have an excellent relationship also with Ilaria D’Amico, the new company of the goalkeeper from whom he had Leopoldo. "Our luck was that even their lives reorganized into a new sentimental order," some Alena Seredova had said, speaking of her and Buffon's separation and new sentimental situation. "This has led to relaxed relationships, where anger has not found space or did not need to explode. It was also a process linked to the intelligence of all the parties involved. "

The holiday in the States together with Alessandro Nasi marks a step forward in their relationship. "Life is wonderful, it takes away and gives, hides and unveils," said Alena Seredova, speaking of the story with the manager from Turin after the disappointment at the end of her love with Buffon "She gave me a year of unexpected, surprising and unexpected love requested by many people ".

Between moments of leisure and group outings, the vacation in the United States was special for Alena Seredova, her children and her partner. "An unforgettable journey," he explained, "to discover American nature and history. We started from Turin: the first stop was Lake Michigan and the town of Charlevoix. We dedicated a few days to nature and sport: cycling, tennis, football and canoeing. Then we moved to Hawaii to discover nature and visit Pearl Harbor. Finally last stop in Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. An incredible experience for my children. "

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