Alena Seredova: Louis Buffon's Instagram photo with Vivienne is spectacular

alena seredova

Recently mother of her third child had by her partner Alessandro Nasi, Alena Seredova published a very sweet shot on Instagram

Alena Seredova mom: sweet photos on Instagram

Mother in love more than ever: Alena Seredova in May put her third daughter in the fashion, the first she had by her partner Alessandro Nasi and the numerous family shots, which the model posted on her Instagram profile, are a beautiful tribute to her children.

The latest arrival is Vivienne Charlotte: the announcement of the pregnancy took place via social media with a very sweet image that portrayed the belly of the Seredova and her hands forming a heart, while her partner embraced her from behind. Then came the news that she was going to be a sissy. A pink ribbon after the first two sons David Lee and Louis Thomas had with their ex-husband, goalkeeper Gigi Buffon.

The latest shots, posted on Seredova's Instagram wall, show Louis and Vivienne smiling and embracing. A beautiful image that captures a moment of tenderness between brother and sister, which the mother summarizes with the use of an equally sweet hashtag #duomeraviglia. During the summer, another photo had aroused a lot of sweetness: that of the second son David Lee with the new arrival.

But little Vivienne is also the protagonist of a beautiful image with the model: eye to eye as she puts her hand on the Seredova's face. In this case, the caption chosen to accompany the photo was: “Afternoon chatter”.

And there are not a few posts that she dedicates to her three children, images that also show moments of the family's everyday life and the affection that binds them.

Alena Seredova was recently the protagonist of an interview in Silvia Toffanin's living room: Very true.

In the afternoon rotogravure of Canale 5 she told with emotion of her last pregnancy and of how, however, she had to face a difficult birth: "Vivienne had a dislocated shoulder, they perform maneuvers that make an impression on me when I think about them. It took a lot of strength and a long time to have her in my arms. I was scared. Yet I was fine during my pregnancy, I felt the most beautiful, but I was scared because it took a little longer to hug her ".

Difficult moments overcome and to be archived. Now the beautiful model is experiencing a very special time of great happiness. After all, from his shots emerges an Alena Seredova mother in love and satisfied with the relationship with her partner Alessandro Nasi.

Alena Seredova children

Alena Seredova's children – Source: Instagram

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