Alena Seredova: "Me and Buffon tied up forever". And he talks about Ilaria D’Amico

Alena Seredova: "Me and Buffon tied up forever". And he talks about Ilaria D’Amico

Alena Seredova returns to talk about Gigi Buffon and surprises with a statement about Ilaria D'Amico

Alena Seredova returns to talk about her relationship with her ex-husband Gigi Buffon and with Ilaria D’Amico.

Strong and courageous, Alena is certainly not a woman who is afraid to expose herself or tell her truths. After the painful and complicated divorce with the concierge, the model has rebuilt a life, but the relationship with her ex-husband still remains very strong thanks to the children born of their love: David Lee and Louis Thomas.

A great love between Alena and Gigi, born in 2005, and crowned by the wedding in 2011. The existence of the showgirl changed forever when she discovered thanks to a radio program that her husband was attending Ilaria D’Amico.

Since then nothing has been the same. "When I heard – she told me some time ago – I had the feeling that my house was on fire and instinctively I immediately took my children away, I had to protect them".

Today Seredova is finally serene. He found love again alongside entrepreneur Alessandro Nasi and relations with Buffon have also improved. "Our relationship is that of two intelligent people who will remain linked for life – explained RAI radio program – to I Lunatici, since we have two children. It cannot be deleted, it cannot be changed. I do not forget the past ".

The relationship with Ilaria D’Amico makes it difficult to separate. The model has never hidden a certain coldness towards her new husband's partner, but today these problems also seem to have been solved. In the course of the interview, in fact, Alena defined the journalist and her new companion as "important reference points" for her children.

"At Gigi's home we talk quietly – he confessed -. I mind talking to others about it, also out of respect for my new companion. I am very much in love with my new partner. It is an enrichment for my children too – he explained -, first they had two parents, today they have two parents and two other people who can be an important point of reference ".

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