Alena Seredova mom without makeup is even more beautiful

Alena Seredova mom without makeup is even more beautiful

On Instagram, Alena Seredova, without make-up and in mom version, is splendid. The happiness of Vivienne's arrival made her even more beautiful

Alena Seredova in mom version and without makeup on Instagram is even more beautiful. Last May the model gave birth to the little Vivienne Charlotte born from her love for her partner Alessandro Nasi. Alena's third child is 42 years old and somehow represents her rebirth after a difficult period in which she stopped believing in love. The pain at the end of the marriage with Gigi Buffon, which arrived when she discovered the love story with Ilaria D’Amico, now belongs to the past and today Alena can only smile, happy thanks to her new life.

Their children David Lee and Louis Thomas are growing up, while little Vivienne has brought new happiness to the home. A feeling that also shines through Alena's face which has never been so beautiful and radiant. In the shots published on Instagram, Seredova smiles, without make-up, while she holds the newborn in her arms and is gorgeous. To notice it are also the followers who fill it with compliments. "But how do you do it? You become more and more beautiful, you see that you are happy shines through your eyes, "someone writes. "Beautiful without a trick of makeup and above all happy," adds someone else. And again: "Your face Alena is that of a warrior", "You are the only one who posts photos without filters", "What a marvel of mother and woman".

"At my age I decided to dive into this new adventure – he had confessed some time ago, a guest of Caterina Balivo's Come to Me -, because ten years have passed since my last child and I don't remember anything anymore." Vivienne is the result of the bond with Alessandro Nasi, who came into existence in 2015, some time after the end of the story with Buffon. The meeting with the manager of the Agnelli home was the first step towards Alena's rebirth which today is radiant and beautiful, even without make-up, thanks to her immense happiness. "For me it was like coming home after a long time – he explained -. It was surprising and wonderful, a gift that life has given me. It was worth living this suffering to get here. "

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