Alessandra Amoroso returns to the stadium, also thanks to the analysis: "I don't want to suffer anymore"

Alessandra Amoroso

Alessandra Amoroso was reborn with the analysis: many projects at stake, from a new record to the lights of San Siro

Alessandra Amoroso will return to sing at the stadium on July 13, 2022, and not on any stage, but at San Siro, which for artists has always represented a significant point of arrival for their career. A news that filled the fans with joy and that will give us the opportunity to attend the most important concert of his life. All this was possible thanks to the analysis, which gave her the opportunity to dig inside herself and find the strength to settle the (happy) center of gravity of her existence.

One aspect that intrigued is the presence of two photos of Alessandra on the poster. Nothing is left to chance, especially because Amoroso wants to show part of her character, of her rebirth, which took place through analysis. A path that has allowed her to fortify herself and to learn resilience. Her specialist is called just like her, and she has been a guide to a constant presence for the past few months.

The photos on the poster represent the new Alessandra, able to unite the private to the public, as she revealed during an interview with Il Giornale. The strong desire to start a path of personal growth had been inherent in her for some time, especially since becoming so popular suddenly changed her profoundly. "It was always like I wasn't working hard enough, like I wasn't sweating and suffering enough." At his side, during moments of discouragement, there has always been Emma Marrone, with whom he shares a beautiful friendship.

His determination has amazed and conquered since the time of Amici di Maria De Filippi. Yet, to get to success she had to work hard, she never pulled back from difficulties. He has cultivated his musical talent, with the impression, however, that he is not up to the level of that golden life, in which all too often it is mistakenly believed that everything is due. "Now I have realized that mine is a job like that of my dad, who is now retired, and my mom who works for public housing."

Amoroso no longer wants to suffer anything. He wants his existence to be always at its maximum, to push on the accelerator, without feeling at fault. Savor the little things that life grants, with one constant: its music. In the autumn, the album Tutto Happens is scheduled to be released. Then, in front of her, the concert at San Siro lies ahead, towards which she will do her utmost, especially to be with her large family, who have always followed, supported and appreciated her.

He did not disdain a possible collaboration with Madame, Elodie and Annalisa, which he follows with keen interest. And of course the Måneskin, who “gave a good slap in the face with Sanremo and Eurovision“. Thanks to the analysis, Amoroso has reunited with herself, and has never regretted the tears she sometimes shed in public: they allowed her to show herself true and sincere.

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