Alessandra Amoroso, sweet wishes to her sister on Instagram: "You are my love"

Alessandra Amoroso, sweet wishes to her sister on Instagram: "You are my love"

Four shots and a special dedication: this is how Alessandra Amoroso wished her beautiful sister Francesca on Instagram, to whom she is very attached

It is a sweet awakening that of Alessandra Amoroso who in the stories of Instagram made a very special dedication to her sister Francesca. Four photographs, memories of good times spent together, to wish her happy birthday as only a loving little sister like her could do. Alessandra and Francesca are very close and the singer never misses an opportunity to share the joy of this relationship with her followers. The two also have another sister named Marianna, very similar to the singer.

"You are my love", so Amoroso writes in the stories alongside some happy selfies in the company of Francesca. And continues “Happy birthday, elder sister. I love you!". A real declaration of love for the big sister, whom he has not seen for a long time. The pandemic has affected the lives of all of us and even Alessandra has been forced in recent months to keep her distance from her family.

Francesca lives in Lecce, the hometown of the singer, where she works as a shop assistant and lives with her husband and daughter. The sweet family appears together on Francesca's Instagram profile, where a photo taken by Alessandra herself on a Salento beach stands out. The singer loves her older sister and shares her happiness with her. In 2014, when Francesca got married, she couldn't hold back her tears of emotion. He was a witness to his sister and in addition, on that occasion, he delighted and surprised all the guests by singing a moving Ave Maria.

At the moment Alessandra Amoroso is single, after having severed the long relationship with the executive producer and manager Stefano Settepani. The two had met at Amici and had been linked since 2015. There were also rumors of a wedding, indeed apparently the wedding was already being organized. "Stefano and I have not been together for a month for reasons that I don't necessarily have to explain on social networks", the singer from Salento explained to her followers on Instagram. Meanwhile, the beautiful Alessandra enjoys success with Emma Marrone, her colleague and great friend since they participated (in different editions) in Amici di Maria De Filippi. Just in January of this year, the two inseparable friends released their first single together, Piece of the Heart, finally making their dream come true.

Alessandra Amoroso on Instagram

Alessandra Amoroso's message on Instagram

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