Alessandra Martines mom at 49 years old

Alessandra Martines mom at 49 years old

The dancer and actress, who now lives in France, tells her private life and is moved by remembering Virna Lisi

Alessandra Martines was a guest in Barbara D’Urso's lounge at Domenica Live. The beautiful dancer and actress from France, where she is loved and where she has great success, has flown to Milan to be a guest of the presenter.

Martines talked about her private life explaining what it means for her to be a mother at 50 and have a much younger companion than her. "Me and Cyril (mate Descours, 32, twenty years younger than her) we met making a film in France a few years ago. We fell in love and after a while Hugo arrived. I have always wanted other children, with my previous husband it had not been possible, he didn't even want to adopt. There are men who are not very serious even at the age of 60, he is fantastic even though he is so young and among other things he adores my daughter Stella ". These are the words of the actress who talks about how love has no age and is happy that another child has arrived in her life.

The actress then reviewed some of the most beautiful movie scenes made in Italy but not only and she was very moved remembering Virna Lisi: "She was a great woman and a great actress, I would like to dedicate a thought to her" these are the words of the actress who was moved by remembering Virna with whom she acted in many fictions, including the last Caterina and her daughters.

Sarkozy spoke of Alessandra as an Italian sunbeam in France but the actress remembers that there is also Carla Bruni: "We are second cousins, we meet. She is a wonderful person, very pretty. Is she seen here as an icy person? People often speak out of jealousy, without knowing ”.

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