Alessandra Mastronardi at the top in Venice but exaggerates with the shirt. Ferragni in shorts

Alessandra Mastronardi at the top in Venice but exaggerates with the shirt. Ferragni in shorts

Alessandra Mastronardi at the Venice Film Festival is a crash in Valentino getting the title of UNICEF ambassador. But with the big shirt he risks the accident

Alessandra Mastronardi, godmother of the 76th Venice Film Festival, is wonderful while being named UNICEF ambassador.

During the event organized at the Hotel Excelsior del Lido, the Neapolitan actress was awarded the title of Goodwill Ambassador. Alessandra, impeccable, presented herself with a long dress, acid green, patterned, signed Valentino. A bon ton look, perfect for the occasion, to be the envy of Kate Middleton, who combines a leather belt and bag, by the same brand. The hair is gathered in a refined ponytail, the make-up is barely mentioned.

La Mastronardi smiles proudly with the honor just conferred. Once again, the godmother of the event does not betray expectations. She has accustomed us to fabulous dresses and sophisticated trouser-suits that have made her the most elegant of the Show, beating Kaisa Smutniak and Monica Bellucci.

Very few style errors and all forgivable. Although the maxi blouse with ultra-flat sandals is a bit exaggerated. If only for the very high risk of an unseemly accident due to his role as godmother, so much so that when he gets off the boat, he shows his legs more than necessary. But the Mastronardi recovers immediately and the next change of look is divine: light blue shirt with flowers, striped skirt and delicate trench coat on the shoulders.

Chiara Ferragni certainly can't stand by and watch. After enchanting with the family on the red carpet, she shows off a casual outfit, almost adolescent: white t-shirt with Versace logo and very short jeans shorts.

Alessandra Mastronardi – Source: Getty Images

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