Alessandra Mastronardi: L’Allieva is a success and shows behind the scenes on Instagram

Alessandra Mastronardi: L’Allieva è un successo e mostra il dietro le quinte su Instagram

After the debut of the third season of L'Allieva, Alessandra Mastronardi celebrated her success on social media

There was really great anticipation for the return to the small screen of Alessandra Mastronardi and Lino Guanciale, protagonists of one of the most popular fiction of recent years. We are talking about L’Allieva, which debuted in the past few hours with its third season. And the actress, surprised by the success of the first episode, gives us great emotion on Instagram.

Alessandra Mastronardi has had a truly brilliant career: after having made her debut at a very young age, when she had let a glimpse of such qualities as to make her a true rising star of the Italian show, she has achieved many goals. And today it celebrates yet another success, thanks to the fiction based on the novels by Alessia Gazzola. The first appointment, which aired last Sunday 27 September, naturally won over all the fans of L’Allieva, who were waiting for nothing else.

The curiosity about the future of Alice Allevi and Claudio Conforti – played respectively by Mastronardi and Lino Guanciale – is so great that it does not leave much room for other thoughts: will the two protagonists be able to crown their dream of love? Alessandra, very happy for the success of the first episode of L’Allieva, shared some background on the third season of the fiction with her fans, posting a beautiful video on Instagram.

The images follow one another quickly: we see Mastronardi engaged in some make-up sessions before going to the set, or intent on reviewing the script next to Lino. And again, we can enjoy his joy in sharing a few moments of relaxation between one scene and another, together with his companions in this wonderful adventure. A real dive behind the scenes of one of the most anticipated TV series ever, which also gives us a preview image of Alessandra in a wedding dress – by the way, will this wedding take place?

In short, this short film is a real gem for all lovers of L’Allieva 3, who now count the days and hours left until the next episode. Mastronardi, who was a guest on Domenica In together with Lino Guanciale, has already revealed to the public that she is ready for many twists. While there is no news on the front of a possible sequel for the fiction: if last summer the actress seemed to have made it clear that this would be the last season for her, in the course of the last interviews she left a small window open. . And fans are hoping it will translate into another sensational series of episodes.

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