Alessandra Mastronardi marries Ross McCall: secret wedding

Alessandra Mastronardi sposa Ross McCall: nozze segrete

Alessandra Mastronardi prepares to conquer the public with Can Yaman and organizes the secret wedding with Ross McCall

Alessandra Mastronardi lands on the set with Can Yaman and marries Ross McCall. The actress is experiencing a magical moment not only in her career, but also in her private life. According to some rumors, in fact, the actress is organizing a secret wedding with her partner, star of the TV series.

The couple have lived in London for some time now and the relationship is going well, so much so that Ross would have made a romantic proposal to Alessandra. The actress would therefore be ready to swear eternal love to the actor with a secret ceremony, just as happened to her colleague Lino Guanciale with Antonella Liuzzi, who was surprisingly married between one shoot and another of the pupil.

According to what reveals Diva and Donna, the wedding will take place next summer and Mastronardi would be in seventh heaven. Some time ago, Alessandra had confessed the dream of having a child with Ross. The Scottish-born actor and the Italian diva are very much in love and, despite the difference between the two of them there are ten years, the love story is progressing at full speed. “Ross is like chocolate. He is romantic and does many little things that warm the heart – he had confessed to Confidenze -. For example, when I leave he makes me find a post-it in the suitcase that says he misses me. Now we would like a child, a concrete project that will come when he wants. I have friends who would never give birth to a baby during this time because they are afraid. Instead, I don't ”.

While waiting to swear eternal love to the 44-year-old actor, Mastronardi is busy on the set. After the Alice Allevi saga in L’Allieva con Lino Guanciale, she decided to play the role of Carla Fracci in a Rai fiction dedicated to the dancer. The rumors that he will be in the cast of the Sandokan remake, with Can Yaman in the role of the hero, Alessandro Preziosi and Luca Argentero also seem to be confirmed. Alessandra would have been entrusted with the role of Marianna, the pearl of Labuan and Sandokan's great love.

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