Alessandra Mastronardi returns with L’Allieva 3. But now she is replaced by Vanessa Incontrada

Alessandra Mastronardi returns with L’Allieva 3. But now she is replaced by Vanessa Incontrada

The Student returns with the third season. But now Lino Guanciale "cheats" Alessandra Mastronardi with Vanessa Incontrada in Don't tell my boss

Alessandra Mastronardi identical to her mother: the similarity is surprising on Instagram

Alessandra Mastronardi and Lino Guanciale ready to return with L’Allieva 3. The second season was also a success in the reruns broadcast on Rai Uno on Sunday evening.

The third series will therefore be there, but something will change. In our interview, Martina Stella revealed to us that her character, the beautiful and perfidious Amber, will not be there. While, barring unforeseen circumstances, the presence of Dario Aita who plays the globetrotter photographer Arthur, Alice's ex-boyfriend (Alessandra Mastronardi) is confirmed.

The actor, interviewed by Tv Mia, told how things are between him and Mastronardi: "There is a good friendship relationship with Alessandra and I hope to be back on the set with her soon. The student was a wonderful experience. " Among other things, Aita also won over Don Matteo's audience. In the series with Terence Hill he plays Sergio La Cava who makes Captain Olivieri's head spin.

To see Student 3, we will have to wait for next winter, even if there are no certain dates on the airing. The last shots to complete the new 6 episodes should take place in the coming weeks. The cast was joined by Antonia Liskova and Sergio Assisi who play respectively the new head of the institute of forensic medicine and Conforti's brother.

Waiting to see the developments between Alice and Claudio, Lino Guanciale "cheats" Alessandra Mastronardi with Vanessa Incontrada. In fact, Rai Uno replies the fiction, Don't tell my boss.

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