Alessandro Baracchini and Barbara Capponi will conduct UnoMattina Estate

Alessandro Baracchini and Barbara Capponi will conduct UnoMattina Estate

Journalists Alessandro Baracchini and Barbara Capponi from the end of June will conduct UnoMattina Estate

Alessandro Baracchini and Barbara Capponi are the new conductors of UnoMattina Estate. On June 29, UnoMattina will close its doors to make room for its summer version. Valentina Bisti and Roberto Poletti will pass the baton to the colleagues chosen to guide the Rai Uno container (watch the video above to find out what's new next year too).

For weeks now there has been talk of the possible presenters of UnoMattina Estate and in the end the viale Mazzini company has chosen to focus on two well-known journalists who will be at the helm of the broadcast throughout the summer season. He is Alessandro Baracchini, on Rai since 1996 and among the most appreciated faces of RaiNews24, he deals with news and politics, while she is Barbara Capponi, journalist, for years at the helm of Tg1. In the past she has been at the helm of some very popular programs, such as Estate live in 2013, she also participated in 2011 in Dancing with the Stars by Milly Carlucci.

At the end of June there will also be a transfer of baton for La vita in direct, a program conducted by Lorella Cuccarini and Alberto Matano. Instead, Marcello Masi and Andrea Delogu, an unpublished couple who promises to win the hearts of viewers, will be aired. A few days ago the journalist had been a guest of Valentina Bisti and Roberto Poletti to present the new summer edition of Live Life to the public.

“Let's start badly because Andrea Delogu is not here with me – said Masi, who intervened alone -. I have now discovered that it is a black belt in karate, violent discipline, I am a little afraid. " The presenter had sent a video message: "Sorry if I'm not here with you, but I have not yet chosen the dress to start with. Then I found out that you are a sex symbol. Now you will be making that face as if to say that it is not true, instead you are one of the most desired men of the small screen. I am looking for something that can not hide in the shade next to you and I do not know what. For the 29th I will have chosen ".

“Andrea is sunny, sensitive, very good as well as beautiful – added the presenter – (…) She and I are unleashed (…) We hope well. Stefano Coletta made this choice, but he takes on great responsibilities. We will tell about an unprecedented summer. So many problems to solve. People will also want to have fun. We will tell from the most serious things to the lightest ones and I hope to give a smile ”.

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