Alessandro Borghese, the announcement on Instagram: "I'm negative"

Alessandro Borghese, the announcement on Instagram: "I'm negative"

With a nice video the chef announced the negativity and to be "Free to embrace them"

An announcement that made fans and friends happy: Alessandro Borghese with a nice video on Instagram announced to his many followers that he was negative about Covid – 19.

The famous TV chef only a few weeks ago, and always through a short video posted on Instagram, had told of having contracted the coronavirus, also explaining what his health conditions were. In his web message he said: "Hello everyone, it's the fifth day that I'm locked in my bunker after taking Covid" – explained Borghese among his Instagram stories, sharing his experience with a touch of irony – " What to say? No fever for the moment, so everything is fine. I'm all bruised, my bones are broken and my head is spinning. But nature has no more secrets for me (…) I have learned something good ". Also on that occasion his well-known irony was not lacking, which broke into the hearts of the Italian public in the many broadcasts he conducted. Aware of having been lucky for his good health, despite having contracted the virus, he added: "I hope to get rid of him immediately" – he added – "because I will have to replace my kidneys, I no longer know how to lay on the bed, I turn and I turn around. Aside from that, I'm also pretty lucky so that's okay. A big kiss".

Now finally the negativity to the virus, news that he announced to his many followers on Instagram (amounting to over 1 million and six hundred thousand) through a nice video in which he moves his lips, while talking in the background is one of the daughters.

An announcement made with all the sympathy that distinguishes Alessandro Borghese: “Hello friends, today I am finally negative and so I can hug my daughters again and I can also hug Wilma. And so I can play a little bit with my daughters ”.

In addition to the video message, scrolling through you can see two images in which she hugs the girls. Alessandro Borghese also wrote a caption in which he added: “Free to embrace them! Thanks to them, I discovered a strength that I didn't think I possessed "Then he wanted to thank the doctors who took care of him and his fans, concluding in this regard:" Thank you very much to all of you, your messages and your great affection gave me incredible hope ”.

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